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Qari Abbas Arif is a  teacher, a Ph.D. Scholar, an emerging Qari & Nasheed Artist from Pakistan. Recently he released 2 ALBUMS, 1 EP AND 1 SINGLE. As Subhu Bada - 2017 Best Nasheed Album with 19 Emotional & Heart Touching Tracks. He achieved high inspiration from the Great Qari Abdul Basit Qur'an Recitations, Legendary Nasheed Artists' like Sami Yusuf, Maher Zain, Ahmad Bukhatir and Sabri Qawwals and has a UNIQUE STYLE of voice for Qira'at, Na'at, Nasheed, & Azan. He recited Asma ul Husna, Asma e Rasool, As Subhu Bada, Inniltiya Rehas Saba, Durood Ibrahimi, Durood e Taj and much more in a new way.



His vision is to spread peace, love and harmony in the world by his voice through the love of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and strongly beleives on the saying of Allama Iqbal


   قوت عشق سے ھر پست کو بالا  کر دے            دھر میں اسم محمد سے اجالا کر دے


(Raise you, through Love, all humble to greatness and to fame;
Enlighten you the groping world with dear Muhammad’s Name.)

Latest Video

The latest ALBUM Released is ASMA UL HUSNA 

with Fabulous Tracks of Darood E Khizri 


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